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Họ tên: An T, Địa chỉ: Houston, TX

So for my wedding I wanted to get an Ao Dai so I went all over Houston looking for a decent one but to my surprise there wasn’t a place where I could purchase one… I had a look in mind that I found online but all the sites had terrible reviews. I was afraid I would get scammed into paying for nothing. I had heard good things about Heaven Ao Dai so I decided to take a chance on them. I wasn’t sure what to expect on the product because all they had to work off of was a picture I sent them but when I got my Ao Dai (men’s Ao Dai) it was better than I could ever hoped for. I then ordered 7 more Ao Dais for my groomsmen. They all looked great and fit perfectly! I definitely recommend Heaven Ao Dai!

Họ tên: Mel H., Địa chỉ: Ohio, USA

I ordered a bridal ao dai for my wedding coming up in November. It just arrived and I\’m so excited for when I get to wear it. It is so beautiful and exactly as pictured on the site. You can tell that much care was put into it\’s creation. Thank you for helping me make my day special!

Họ tên: Tiffany Nguyen, Địa chỉ: USA

I ordered WR294 for my upcoming prom and it is so perfect!! It looks exactly like the picture if not more beautiful and my family can\’t stop complimenting it. I didn\’t expect it to be such high quality. It took about a month for it to be made and shipped to me in Massachusetts, USA. Ngoc Anh Vong is very kind and understanding! I put the wrong unit of measurement when checking out and she easily corrected it. But I also latered emailed her about how I wanted it slightly smaller than the measurements since I planned to lose weight and she did just that and somehow the ao dai is the most perfect fit ever!!! I will most definitely be buying more I am so excited to show everyone at prom.

Họ tên: Grace Doan, Địa chỉ: Riverside,CA

Beautiful work, thank you Ngoc Anh

Họ tên: TH, Địa chỉ: USA

Excellent customer service and quality of dresses! I needed to order ao dai for my bridal party and was anxious about doing this online. Ms. Ngoc Anh was always so quickly responsive over email and answered my many questions before I eventually placed my order. She even emailed over color templates and sample real dresses to help make sure I felt comfortable about the styles and colors of ao dai I was ordering. The order was made and shipped to the US quickly and we are all very happy with the quality of the ao dai — they are very pretty and fit well!

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